Film addicted since 1986.
AlbatrosfilmAdv is the new AlbatrosFilm division specifically dedicated to the creation of web adv and TV commercial. Thanks to our reliability and professionalism we are today a solid reality in the sector and we can boast a customer base composed of companies of primary importance at national and international level.
We have always operated with the most advanced existing production and post-production technologies, making use of a highly qualified in-house staff and the collaboration of industry professionals.
The best proof of the quality of our work is the high retention rate of our customers: with many of the names in our portfolio we have a ten-year history of collaboration.

People Profile

Ale Milini
Elena Marino
Angelo Maffioletti
Stefano Fares
Paolo Ferraglio
Matteo Sandrini
Lapo Pecchioli
Anna Astori
Nicola Massioli
Valentina Bonvini
Leticia Musitelli
Luca Venchiarutti
Massimo Abeni
Alessia Tartaglione
Maria Fioretti
Luca Zambiasi
Giada Destro
Marco Laini
Nicola Lucini
Iko Cornalea
Enrico Venturi
Martino Tebaldi
Luca Steffenoni
Ottavio Tomasini
Lorenzo Colombo
Lucas Preti
Camilla Foglino



In May 1986 AlbatrosFilm was founded, consisting of 4 partners: Anna Astori, Ale Milini, Luca Saleri and Giambattista Bianchi.
The first site has a stage of 250 square meters and as many are dedicated to offices and assembly rooms. The jobs increase and the collaborators too. Meanwhile Elena Rovetta takes over from Giambattista Bianchi in the social structure that, since then, remains unchanged.
With Luca Venchiarutti we took our first steps in this world and we still work together, in 1991 comes Mariassunta Fioretti; in 1995 Luca Zambiasi; in 1996 Nico Massioli; in 1997 Clo Cominelli
For some years now we have been collaborating more and more frequently with Ottavio Tomasini, friend and director of photography, and with whom we have decided to share the new studies and the soundstage since 1998. All the traditional editing directions in Thumb and Betacam are replaced with the new computer systems. .
Slowly the film and the analogue give way to digital. It is an epochal turning point because it completely changes the way of thinking and managing a film.
We succeed in this aim also thanks to the arrival of new super-trained and competent super-juveniles: in 2003 Martino Tebaldi, in 2005 Elena Marino, in 2007 Leticia Musitelli, in 2008 Valentina Bonvini, in 2009 Marco Laini and Luca Steffenoni. The latter is not really “supergiovane”, but with a long experience of production and photography in the Verona area. In 2012 Angelo Maffioletti arrives and in 2013 Giada Destro. And again: Max Nicolè, Paolo Ferraglio, Enrico Venturi, Simon Villus Rigamonti, Iko Cornalea …